The Beatles: A Private ViewThe Beatles:
A Private View

by Robert Freeman
Big Tent Entertainment 2003, hardcover ($60.00)
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Robert Freeman took some of the most "serious" photos of The Beatles at the beginning of their ascension into worldwide fame and a generous selection of them are beautifully reproduced in this oversized coffee table book.

Freeman's photographic style resonated with The Beatles emerging image as the epitome of everything fab and free and swinging. And the outcome of his many photo sessions with the group was not only an historical documentation of Beatlemania, but a unique artistic expression that captured the Fab Four on a level seldom equalled by his contemporaries.

Freeman traveled with The Beatles, as a photographer and friend, in England, Sweden, France, America, Austria and the Bahamas He designed and photographed five of their album covers from With The Beatles to Rubber Soul, John Lennon's two books, In His Own Write and A Spaniard in the Works, and the title sequences for A Hard Day's Night and Help!

Many of his photos are intimate portraits of the boys at work, at play and at rest. Freeman captured them as indivduals, with all the humor, originality and delightfulness for which The Beatles had become so well-known.

Paul McCartney has said of Freeman's work: "I have a feeling that Bob's photos were amongst the best ever taken of The Beatles." And he just might be right.

Along with the collection of fantastic photos are personal stories about the images, including where and how they were captured.

Lifelong Beatles fans have surely seen these photos before, but their presentation in this new book add up to an artistic treasure that I know you will love. This is undoubtedly the number one Beatles gift book for Christmas 2003 (and beyond).

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