The Beatles: Rare and Unseen DVDThe Beatles:
Rare and Unseen

Wienerworld, approximately 90 minutes
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There are so many “unofficial” DVDs on the market today about the history of The Beatles, but most of them fall short. This offering from Wienerworld is a different story. To a great degree, this DVD does live up to the title of “Rare and Unseen.” As a first generation Beatles fan, I saw images on this DVD that I have not seen and still photos that have not been available over the last 20, 30 or 40 years.

Seeing film footage of The Beatles enjoying themselves on a beach holiday in 1963, footage by Micky Jones of The Beatles on stage in Paris at the Olympia Theatre (just prior to their first trip to America), along with some rare Magical Mystery Tour video, and that alone is reason enough to add this DVD to one’s collection. But the value of this DVD goes much further.

The personal recollections of Gerry Marsden, Sylvie Vartan, Tony Bramwell, Micky Jones (now a well-known character actor who then was the drummer with the Trini Lopez band)...among many others, make this a truly enlightening and entertaining production. And beyond the main presentation, there are “extras” offering more insights from insiders who where there it was all happening. And what Beatles retrospective would be complete without Phil Collins? All joking aside, Phil is here once again taking us down memory lane as one of the biggest Beatles fans of all time.

I enjoyed watching this DVD and I learned some things about The Beatles I hadn’t known before. The most surprising thing to me was Micky Jones’ story about how John didn’t know that the group would be seen on nationwide TV on The Ed Sullivan Show. While in Paris, John said to Micky, “I want us to be seen in California.” Micky set him straight about Sullivan’s national audience and the rest, of course, is history. Highly recommended.

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